November is almost over! And for many of our Moms Club members, that means our favorite holiday is almost here! While we try not to go overboard each year, we still have to find the perfect gift for the little ones in our families. I’ve asked our members to share their go to gifts.

  • Legos! And the options seem endless these days. Whether it’s Duplos for the little ones, Juniors when they graduate to the ‘little legos’ or the more involved sets, there is something for everyone. Definitely look at the age ranges on the boxes. The sets for older kids have a lot more pieces and can become to involved for younger kids.
  • Books! Again, you can find one on almost any topic. Even a favorite movie or TV shows.  Or find books that have your child’s name in it. There are a lot of personalized books on the market these days too.
  • Puzzles! Find the age appropriate level, but, again, this can go for any age. We love the Melissa and Doug ones ourselves.
  • For older boys, try Nerf guns (as long as you know parents approve).
  • Dress up items! Kids love to use their imagination to play and pretend. You can also include ‘real’ items in here if you have a child that loves playing certain things. For example, if your kids play waitress, buy a note pad, apron, tag, pens, etc.
  • Art supplies! It doesn’t matter how many crayons or markers my son has, when I walk in with a new box he is over the moon, and spends the rest of the afternoon with them.
  • Experiences! This is a great gift from Grandparents. Year memberships to zoos, parks, aquariums are a great place to start. Or even one off events that you know your child will love.
  • Playdoh! Another item that comes in so many different sets.
  • Board games are another great option. Age appropriate again.

Have a wonderful holiday season, no matter what you celebrate!