Where do our dues go?

As an IRS recognized non-profit, we have very specific ways that we are allowed to spend our money.  We mainly use our dues for newsletters, open houses, service projects and business supplies.  We may use 15% of our dues income for members only expenses (we generally do an end of year party with the 15%).  Any left over money is donated to charity at the end of the fiscal year.

What happens once I join your chapter?

As soon as we receive your registration packet and dues, you will be sent an invitation to join our Yahoo group.  You don’t have to be a member of the Yahoo group, but you will get the most up to date and reliable information if you join.  You will also receive a PDF copy of the latest newsletter.  Once you have the information, you’re welcome to start attending events!  If you don’t join the Yahoo group, please make sure you RSVP with the host of each event you plan to attend to make sure there are no last minute changes.  If you join the Yahoo group, click the “polls” link to RSVP to events you’d like to attend.

With several events each week, we know you can’t possibly attend everything.  We hope to see you as often as you are comfortable attending events.  Just remember, the more events you attend, the more moms you will meet, and the more support you will receive.

I work part time.  May I join your club?

Yes, you may.  We have many active members who work part time.  We are meant to be a support network for at-home mothers.  As such, we generally only have events during daytime hours Monday-Friday.  If you are able to come to events during those times, you are welcome to join.

Can stay-at-home dads join your club?

We know stay-at-home dads need support, but unfortunately we are exclusively for moms.  We do not endorse or support any stay-at-home dad program.  You might want to look at http://www.dcmetrodads.com/index.php to see if they have an active group in your area.  You might also want to check meetup.com and see if they have anything for you.  Or start your own meetup group! Again, we do not sponsor or endorse these groups, we just provide them as ideas you may want to pursue.

May I bring my children to events?

Of course!  We are here to support stay-at-home moms.  Children are always welcome to  all events, though most members choose to leave their children at home for our monthly MOMS Night Out.  All children are welcome, regardless of age.  We only request that you keep sick children at home.

Why do we have chapter boundaries?

MOMS Club International has developed their program based on over 30 years of experience.  They believe that small groups make it easier to create friendships.  That means that chapters sister into smaller groups when they get around 60 members.  This has led to at least four chapters in the Germantown area, each with about four elementary schools within their boundaries.

The big advantage to chapter boundaries: you get to know the people in your neighborhood!  You’ll see many of these same moms through the years at PTA meetings and local playgrounds.  You’ll have hyper-local friends that you can easily visit and exchange favors with.  You live in the same general area, so you’ll be interested in going to the same parks and other places since it will be an easy drive for everyone.

What are the Germantown–North boundaries?

Our boundaries include people who live in the following elementary school attendance zones:  Lake Seneca, Dr. Sally K. Ride, William Gibbs, Cedar Grove,  and Waters Landing.

How do I host an event?

Once you are a member, hosting is easy!  Just let a board member know the day, time and activity you’d like to plan and it will be put on the next month’s calendar.  You will make a Yahoo poll when your event draws near so people can easily RSVP. Look at the bottom of any e-mail from our Yahoo group to find a link to our group page.  Click on Polls and follow the prompts.  Make sure you change it so that it will display votes so you can see who is coming.  Easy!